On Posture, In Liberty

The liberty movement is a great place to be. The RLC is a great place to be for most constitutionally principled people. However, if we are to take an honest look at ourselves we have areas we could improve, every group and party could. How we address those things and how we view them can make all the difference in most situations. First and foremost, individual liberty comes with the realization that we all have varying opinions on a wide range of subjects. At times it beco […]

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The RLC Gives Voice to Liberty Republicans and Constitutional Conservatives in the GOP

May 12, 2013 Jeff LeBlanc 0

The following were prepared remarks by Daniel Encarnacion, South Carolina state secretary of the RLC, for the Lowcountry Conservative Breakfast in Summerville, SC on January 12, 2013. The Republican Liberty Caucus was founded in 1991 to promote limited government, free markets, and personal liberty within the Republican Party. With the help of my colleagues here […]Continue reading »

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Internet Sales Tax Myths and Facts

March 22, 2013 Jeff LeBlanc 0

As discussion continues over proposals like the “Marketplace Fairness Act” – which would change the way states can exercise tax collection powers over “remote” sales – several myths have cropped up. Here, NTU dispels them: Myth # 1: This is a States’ Rights Issue. FACT: Giving states the power to collect sales taxes across their […]Continue reading »

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Internet Grassroots Offers Alternative to SOPA

February 25, 2012 Dave Nalle 0

In a powerful example of the internet grassroots in action, a viral campaign through Reddit played a large role in stopping the passage of s SOPA and PIPA and that effort has now expanded into an movement to produce  alternative legislation which would address copyright concerns but also protect the rights of internet users and […]Continue reading »