Act Now to Stop Corruption

May 1, 2015 admin 0

We’ve got an important opportunity to support a bill which would make a real difference in Texas. SB1862 is by  Sen. Konni Burton.  It is a bill which would prohibit […]

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Tell Boehner to Reinstate the “Fiscal Four”

December 5, 2012 Dave Nalle 0

“For a party that’s trying to expand its base and make sure that it reaches out to young people and new groups, I think it’s pretty outrageous frankly. It’s pretty clear I come from a more libertarian wing of the party – this is the growing portion of the Republican Party. And, really, it’s a […]Continue reading »

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Internet Grassroots Offers Alternative to SOPA

February 25, 2012 Dave Nalle 0

In a powerful example of the internet grassroots in action, a viral campaign through Reddit played a large role in stopping the passage of s SOPA and PIPA and that effort has now expanded into an movement to produce  alternative legislation which would address copyright concerns but also protect the rights of internet users and […]Continue reading »