Be a Delegate to the State Convention

You Can Be a State Convention Delegate

This weekend local Republican Parties all over Texas are meeting in their Senate District Conventions.  Hopefully you went to your Precinct Convention and became a delegate, but if you didn’t, that does not exclude you from participation in the  next level of the political process because anyone who voted in the Republican primary can become qualified as a delegate to the state Republican convention.

All you have to do is apply to your local party’s Nominations Committee to potentially be chosen as a delegate or alternate to the state Republican Convention in Fort Worth on June 5-7th.  These committees are meeting in every part of the state this week, in preparation for the district conventions this weekend.  To find out where yours is meeting and how you can become a delegate contact your local Republican Party.  There will also be a meeting of your nominations committee during your district convention this weekend, but that may be pretty crowded, so go on Thursday if you can.

Even if you are attending your District Convention this weekend attending your Nominations Committee meeting may be a good idea to increase your chances of becoming a delegate.

State convnetion delegates set the platform, elect party officials and make rules for the party for the coming two years.  The convention is a pretty fun experience and a great way to help shape the future of the party.

Additional Recommended Resolutions

After receiving some intelligence from Resolutions Committees around the state that are now meeting in various counties, We have identified three important resolutions that have been overlooked and which people might want to take to their local SD resolutions committees to make sure they get considered. It’s not too late to submit them to your local resolutions committee or at the state level.

These include a resolution supporting the USA Freedom Act, state sovereignty in opposition to the War on Drugs and teaching critical thinking in schools.

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