Second Time Babin Bailed on Sitting with Streusand Head-to-Head
HOUSTON – For the second time in less than two weeks, Brian Babin bailed on going head-to-head with Ben Streusand in a forum/debate or dual interview setting.

The initial opportunity was for the two candidates to appear together on one of Beaumont’s KBMT news programs. Babin cancelled and Streusand kept his commitment.

The second opportunity was Saturday evening with the Lone Star Republicans at Lee College in Baytown. With less than 48 hours until event, the Streusand campaign was contacted that Babin would have to leave early. Upon arriving at the forum, Streusand would be the only candidate to appear.

“Both candidates were aware of the format six weeks ago. Two days before the event, Brian Babin personally called to change the format to accommodate his schedule and we agreed. Then he still sent a surrogate in his place,” said Daniel McCool, Event Chairman and Vice President of Lone Star Republicans, the group that organized the event. “I can only assume Dr. Babin has given up speaking to Harris County Republicans and would rather stay in comfortable surroundings of his old supporters.”

The event was a consolidation of six conservative/Republican organizations in Harris County to hear from the CD36 Republican runoff candidates.

Ben Streusand at Event Forum”Brain Babin needs to be honest with the voters about his property tax-raising record and stop pushing his responsibility for his votes off on others,” said Streusand. “Brian Babin will do the bidding of leadership time and again in Washington. I will do the bidding of the voters of Southeast Texas.”