What Does The RLC Stand For?

What is the RLC? Are you guys Libertarians in Republican clothing? Perhaps it’s time to review our Statement of Principles that are pretty much a summary of our beliefs as a group and touches on issues we deem important to work on within the party and government in general. At times it can seem we are at odds with some of our republican brothers and sisters. However, as former RLC National Chairman Dave Nalle said, “The RLC looks of inclusion not exclusion. We believe in Reagan’s 80% rule. Tha […]

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Convention Time….quick bits

The TXGOP convention started today with temporary committees and such. The majority will arrive Wednesday or Thursday as permanent committees are set and votes begin. Also, the RLCTX will be holding it’s state convention on Saturday at the Omni in Ft. Worth at 4PM. All PAID and CURRENT RLCTX/ RLCCD36 members can vote. Anyone can of course come.  The RLCTX is also having a BBQ dinner on Thursday evening 7PM at Risck […]

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Invoking Unity

In the big lead up to Texas GOP State Convention the common refrain seems to be, “we need to unite for the Republican Party.”  This is usually followed by a diatribe reminding everyone how bad the Democrats are and how they will “ruin” our country.  Apparently the only thing holding our country together is the ability of the Republican Party to unite.  Of course, such a simplistic approach makes for a great sp […]

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Republican Liberty Caucus of CD 36 Backs Ben Streusand

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Congressional District 36 is proud to recommend Ben Streusand in the runoff race for U.S. Congress. The RLC of CD 36 has had the opportunity to meet with each of the candidates in this hotly contested runoff race.  While both men have shown themselves to be men of character and integrity, we believe Mr. Steusand is best s […]