On Posture, In Liberty

The liberty movement is a great place to be. The RLC is a great place to be for most constitutionally principled people. However, if we are to take an honest look at ourselves we have areas we could improve, every group and party could. How we address those things and how we view them can make all the difference in most situations. First and foremost, individual liberty comes with the realization that we all have varying opinions on a wide range of subjects. At times it beco […]

Criminalization of the creation

Monday and Tuesday of this week some friends and I went to Austin to visit the Texas Legislature while they were in session.  We had the opportunity to meet with some of the best State Representatives in Texas, get a glimpse of the behind the scenes of the Texas Supreme Court, and visit House Committee hearings.  We purposed to testify before the Public Health committee to speak on behalf of decriminalization of medical marijuana.  Unfortunately, the bill we were testifying […]


The Texas Legislature is currently in full swing. Today the Texas House voted on HB80. House Bill 80 highlights a problem that extends far beyond the text of the proposed law. HB80 is a bill that seeks to criminalize using a cell phone to “text, email, instant message, or other form of electronic data retrieval or electronic data communication.”  Proponents of this bill advocate for it in the name of safety. Who would be opposed to safety? I believe seeking out the safety of others i […]

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Fighting for Property Rights in East Texas

Two weeks ago, the RLC of Texas along with representatives of the local RLC chapter of CD36 met with Texas legislators to discuss our priority issues for the 2015 legislative agenda.Representative David Simpson met with us and shared the bills he had filed so far for this legislative session. True to his reputation, Rep. Simpson demonstrated once again that he is a strong ally for liberty and freedom in Texas.Rep. Simpson presented several bills, but two were of s […]

Big win in small steps

Being a grassroots activist can be a wearisome job.  We usually find ourselves losing far more than winning.  This can take a toll on us if don’t keep a proper perspective, which is that we are fighting a long term battle.  We didn’t get from liberty to the modern state overnight.  We won’t reverse it overnight either.  Long term change is difficult work.  The conventional wisdom in accomplishing long term change is setting and watching for short term victories that […]


January 6, 2015, was the Liberty County Republican Party’s quarterly meeting (Video provided below). RLC members were in attendance as well as Tea party activists and other grassroots members. A resolution to back Scott Turner for Speaker of the Texas House was made by the precinct chair of Pct. 17, Brian Smith and seconded by precinct chair of Pct. 30, Sherial Lawson. Debate was allowed on the motion and it failed to pass 8/4. An alternate resolution was proposed by Vice Chairman Klint Bush to […]

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RLCCD36 Ends Year On A Good Note

December 16, 2014 RLC of CD 36 - Opinions & News 0

Last evening was the last meeting of the year for the Republican Liberty Caucus of CD 36. Speakers included were: Jeff Larson – RLCTX State Chairman, Dwayne Stovall – Keep Texas Free and Terry Holcomb of Texas Carry. Vice Chairman, Art Sisneros, reviewed the last year of activity. The caucus was quite active with events from the Ben Swann Forum to primary elections and fighting a local ISD bond. Jeff Larson discussed the liberty movement in general in Texas and what activities have been done a […]

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RLCCD36 Supports Turner, Pushes Local Parties To Follow Harris County, Others

December 11, 2014 RLC of CD 36 - Opinions & News 0

As the number of county GOP parties continue to back Scott Turner over Joe Strauss for Speaker, the local grassroots group, Republican Liberty Caucus of CD 36, voted to support Turner and urged local parties to follow. Harris County, one of the GOP’s  largest counties in the state, has already made the move as has Dallas and others. Of course, the votes come from  State Representatives, not the people. However, there is growing concern some in the Statehouse have forgotten they do a […]

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Tomorrow is election day. This caucus continues to ask the citizens in the Dayton ISD to vote no on the Dayton ISD bond. Throughout this process we have learned much. Hopefully, we have educated some as well. Citizens must begin to once again stand up and make their voices heard. It isn’t easy in a small town to speak out against bad financial decisions. People worry over the thoughts of their neighbors and many other issues. This is only but a small part of the problem with our modern politica […]

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Through open records requests, the RLC of Liberty County has learned that the push to pass the DISD $87 million dollar bond is over 65% funded by a major architecture firm in Houston. PBK is a firm that specializes in school design and building throughout the state. PBK gave $2,000.00 of the total $3,000.00 given to the PAC that is pushing for a yes vote on the bond. Beyond the fact that PBK has given over $2,000.00 to the local say yes effort, is the company’s track record through the state. F […]