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The Republican Party Deserves a New Speaker; Contact Your Representative Now!

January 5, 2015 Matt Nye 0

At it’s last board meeting, the RLC National Board voted unanimously to encourage its members to contact their representatives to support anyone other than Speaker John Boehner in the upcoming House Speaker vote.

“In 2010 voters returned control of the House to the Republicans to help rein in President Obama and the Democrat agenda; in 2014 they returned control of the Senate to the Republicans for the same reason, yet somehow Speaker Boehner thought the message being sent was business as usual,” said RLC Chairman Matt Nye. “The passage of the ‘CRomnibus’ spending bill last month was a complete betrayal of those voters by House leadership, and must not go unanswered.”

“Even the most politically inept individual could see that all Republicans had to do to run the board was pass a short term continuing resolution funding government at the exact same levels until Republicans took control of the Senate in the new year. That Speaker Boehner chose to pass a spending bill for the entire year instead of waiting to control both chambers is illustrative of either a) complete alignment with the Democrats and President Obama or b) incompetence of an almost unimaginable magnitude,” Nye said. “Neither of those are qualities you want in an individual who holds the third most powerful position in the United States government.”

“We encourage our members in every state to contact their representatives and ask them to vote for anyone other than Speaker Boehner for the position of Speaker,” Nye said. “Boehner has proven time after time he is as out of touch with the average Republican voter as President Obama is out of touch with the average American.”

The House switchboard phone number is 202-224-3121.

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RLC Urges Congress to Block Obama Proposed ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules

November 12, 2014 Matt Nye 0

The Republican Liberty Caucus has urged Congress to intervene to prevent the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from adopting President Obama’s so-called “Net Neutrality” rules, which would stifle free speech, technological innovation and competition in the marketplace.

“Handing the keys to Internet access to corporate cronies in cahoots with government bureaucrats is anything but ‘neutral’,” said RLC National Chair Matt Nye of Florida. “This move will logically culminate with the free and open exchange of ideas being impeded by government agents presuming to deem what constitutes proper Internet content and at what speed you will be able to access it. It will violate First Amendment free speech as well as the free market competition that has made the Internet and all of the companies that thrive there the tremendous successes they are.”

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are currently classified as information services under Title I of the Communications Act of 1934, but President Obama proposes that ISPs be reclassified as “information providers” under Title II, which would convert them to government-controlled public utilities. This would give the FCC power to regulate pricing and earnings as well as determine who could build digital networks.

“These rules would bestow inordinate power to appointed government czars to determine the players on the Web down to deciding the so-called fair rate of return on their revenues,” said Nye. “This will result in a small handful of mega-media conglomerates controlling access to Web content, freezing out the entrepreneurial small firms which are the fountainhead of technological innovation and creative content.”

“Once that happens, access pricing will increase which will have a chilling effect of freezing out web sites, blogs and other new media which are the basis of free expression and democratic debate,” Nye explained.

The RLC Statement of Principles includes the clause: “We oppose any restriction of free speech on the internet or in other media. We oppose any program to tax internet commerce or to tax or license website operators. We oppose efforts to limit the definition of journalism.” Nye said he spoke on behalf of the national organization to uphold those principles.

“The public voice must be heard loudly to protest this power grab to give the government control of the free exchange of ideas over the Web,” Nye said. “We urge citizens of all political persuasions to flood Congressional offices, the White House switchboard and the FCC headquarters with a clear message: ‘KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR INTERNET ACCESS!’”

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RLC of Florida Challenges RPOF to come clean on campaign finance – stop “legal laundering” of campaign funds

May 29, 2014 Matt Nye 0

MELBOURNE, FL – The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) of Florida announced today that campaign finance reform will be its top priority for the 2015 legislative session.

The “Come Clean in 2015” campaign will seek to put an end to the “legal laundering” of millions of dollars in campaign contributions through political committees controlled by legislative leaders, as well as through the Republican and Democrat parties of Florida.

“Campaign finance reforms enacted by the 2013 legislature have done little or nothing to break the control of the special interests over the legislative process in Florida, and Florida’s two major political parties continue to be willing participants in the legal laundering of millions of dollars in special interest contributions,” said Bob White, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida. “The people of Florida deserve better.”

The RLC of Florida will be holding a press conference in conjunction with this weekend’s RPOF Quarterly Meeting at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, 2900 Bayport Drive, Tampa. The purpose of the press conference will be to highlight specific examples of the continuing ethical challenges and abuses associated with Florida’s campaign finance laws, how the parties are willing participants in the process, and also a set of recommended revisions to campaign finance statutes.

The press conference will take place at the RLC of Florida literature table at 8:30 am, on Saturday, May 31st, just prior to the RPOF Quarterly General Session. The General Session is typically attended by the Governor, members of the Florida Cabinet, various Congressmen, and leaders of the Florida House and Senate.

About the Republican Liberty Caucus
For more than twenty years the Republican Liberty Caucus has been the lone, strong voice for the principles of limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty within the Republican Party. We believe that less government means more liberty and we work through local chapters and with our member activists all over the country to oppose government excess and demand accountability to the people and the Constitution. We believe in principle over party always, and unlike most Republican organizations we are not afraid to hold our own elected Republicans, and our party, accountable for their actions. Learn more at

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RLC Endorses Steve Lane for US House in Tennessee CD4

May 7, 2014 Matt Nye 0

MURFREESBORO, TN – The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is pleased to announce the endorsement of Steve Lane for United States House Tennessee’s Fourth District. Lane is a veteran of the US Air Force with a background in residential construction. He currently teaches building instruction at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Nashville.

“Steve Lane is the clear choice for Tennessee voters to serve them in the United States House,” said RLC National Chairman Matt Nye. “Tennesseans will find comfort in his solid, no-nonsense approach to government, and his experience as a teacher makes him uniquely qualified to tackle issues of federal over reach like Common Core.”

Lane’s background in construction taught him how important it is to have a solid foundation from which to work, no matter what the project. As a teacher, Lane has taken an active role in helping his students achieve greater personal and economic potential. As a father, Lane knows the best way to strengthen our Nation is to revive founding values like hard work, personal responsibility, and fellowship.

“Lane represents the quintessential American values that make this country great,” Nye said. “We need members in Congress who will stand up to the professional politicians and against the out of control spending, and as a citizen legislator that has never held office before, Lane possesses the qualities necessary to do just that.”

Steve is a dad to six children and lives with his wife, Kaloni, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

You can learn more about Lane’s campaign at the following:
Twitter: @LaneForTN

Contact: Matthew Kypta, Campaign Manager
Phone: 615-768-9727

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RLC Endorsee Walter Jones Wins Another Term in US House in North Carolina CD3

May 6, 2014 Matt Nye 0

“The Republican Liberty Caucus is delighted to have been a part of the re-election of a strong spokesman for liberty, Representative Walter Jones,” said RLC National Chair Matt Nye. “The RLC Board carefully researches all candidates and concluded that Jones is the best person to continue to serve the 3rd Congressional District in the interests of lower taxes, smaller government and increased individual liberty.”

“Jones truly represents the will of the average person in eastern North Carolina,” said Nye. “He has proudly served in the Congressional Liberty Caucus alongside such stalwarts of liberty like other RLC-endorsed members such as Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, Rep. Scott Garrett of New Jersey, Rep. Jim Duncan of Tennessee and Rep. Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland.”

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RLC Endorses Stace Nelson for U.S. Senate in South Dakota

April 7, 2014 Matt Nye 0
RLC National Logo

FULTON, SD – A spirit of change and reform is sweeping the country. Incumbents are being voted out and principled reformers are heading to Washington with a dedication to liberty, Constitutionally limited government and free markets.

The Republican Liberty Caucus believes Stace Nelson will be an important part of this movement for change, and we have given him our endorsement in the Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate in South Dakota.

“Stace Nelson’s dedication to Constitutionally limited government and political reform were made very clear in his time in the state legislature, where he demanded real answers from Washington and fought for the rights of the people of South Dakota.” said RLC Chairman Matt Nye. “He truly believes in returning power to the people and the states, restoring free markets and protecting individual liberty.”

Nelson has been described as the one true conservative in this primary race, but there is much more to recommend him than that. He has a lifetime of public service behind him and a dedication to principles which South Dakotans value. He told us clearly the kind of Senator he wants to be when he said, “Mike Lee, Justin Amash, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul – this is what our country needs. Outspoken, honest people trying to take on the out-of-control federal government and rein it in.”

Nelson lives in Fulton, SD with his wife Aiza and their six children. We strongly urge Republican voters in South Dakota to join us in supporting Stace Nelson for Senate. We cannot afford to let this seat be returned to the Democrats or fall into the hands of a Republican of lesser principles who will be no better than another Democrat. Electing Stace Nelson is a crucial step in restoring the original vision of the Republican Party and restoring our Republic.

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RLC Endorses Alex Mooney for U.S. House in West Virginia

March 31, 2014 Matt Nye 0

CHARLESTOWN, WV – The Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce the endorsement of Alex Mooney, as the pro-liberty Republican candidate for Congress in West Virginia’s Second Congressional District.

“Alex Mooney has the drive and determination to represent West Virginia values in the US House of Representatives where he will add West Virginia’s voice to those already standing up for individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise,” said RLCWV Chairman Ed Burgess. “The Mooney campaign is primed and ready to defeat the Democratic nominee – it is working hard every day to win this election.”

“Alex Mooney is the Republican candidate in this race who not only holds fast to our core principles, but exemplifies them,” said RLC National Chairman Matt Nye. “He’s precisely the kind of person West Virginia and the nation needs in Washington, and we expect him to be a true leader if elected to Congress.”

“I am honored to receive the Republican Liberty Caucus’s endorsement,” said Alex Mooney. “The RLC has a history of advocating for true constitutional principles. I stand proudly by my record of fighting for the same principles of limited government, individual liberty, and free enterprise.”

“Our basic liberties are being threatened by the Obama administration’s disastrous big-government policies,” said Mooney. “I will fight to repeal Obamacare completely, end burdensome EPA regulations, and stop out of control tax-and-spend policies so that businesses can thrive and West Virginians can keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. I will lead the charge against leaders in both parties whenever they are unwilling to uphold the Constitution and defend our individual rights.”

Mooney, his wife, Grace, and their children reside in Charles Town, West Virginia. Mooney is taking his campaign to defend liberty to every part of West Virginia’s Second Congressional District.

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RLC Endorses Rep. Justin Amash for third term in U.S. House

March 25, 2014 Matt Nye 0

WASHINGTON, D.C. -The Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce the endorsement of Congressman Justin Amash for a third term in Michigan’s 3rd congressional district.  This is the third consecutive RLC endorsement for Amash, who serves as Chair of the House Liberty Caucus.

“The RLC is extremely proud of Congressman Amash and thrilled to endorse him yet again,” said RLC Chairman Matt Nye. “Justin Amash embodies everything the RLC stands for and has been a fearless leader in the House fighting tirelessly to reduce the size and scope of government, preserve the privacy rights of citizens and expand individual liberty.”

Representative Amash serves diligently on a number of committees including the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the US Congress Joint Economic Committee.  Amash was removed from the Budget Committee by House leadership in December 2012 after arguing to balance the budget in 10 years instead of 35.

“Removing Amash from that committee was a slap in the face to fiscal conservatives by leadership,” explained Nye.  “Amash provided a fiscally sound solution that is desperately needed, and instead of being rewarded for standing on principle and fighting to protect our children’s futures he was punished for it.”

RLCMI Board Member Dr. Eric Larson echoes Nye’s sentiments. “It is truly a privilege to have Justin Amash as my representative in Congress. He explains every one of his votes in detail which makes it easy to hold him accountable and see that he consistently votes for liberty, free markets, and limited government”, said Larson.  

Amash received his bachelor’s degree with High Honors in Economics from the University of Michigan and his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.  He lives in Cascade Charter Township with his wife Kara,  a former elementary school teacher. Justin and Kara have three children.

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RLC Endorses David Clements for U.S. Senate in New Mexico

March 21, 2014 Matt Nye 0

LAS CRUCES, NM – The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is pleased to announce the endorsement of  David Clements for United States Senate in New Mexico. Clements is an attorney and former prosecutor from Las Cruces, New Mexico.

“David Clements is the clear choice for New Mexico voters to serve them in the United States Senate,” said RLC National Chairman Matt Nye. “David has spent his career upholding the Constitution and is committed to continuing that dedication in the U.S. Senate. As government spending and overreach climbs to unprecedented levels, we need more elected officials who will stand up and fight for the principles they are sworn to uphold and protect.”

Clements has already battled against a better funded and well known primary opponent. He shocked National political insiders after taking nearly half of the available delegates at the state’s Pre-Primary Convention in March, and continues to build momentum heading into the June 3rd Republican Primary. The winner of the Primary will go on to face Democratic Senator Tom Udall in November’s general election.

“Tom Udall is vulnerable in New Mexico,” said Nye. “He is one of only a few Democrats still advocating for the implementation of Obamacare, and is more concerned with playing partisan politics in Washington than ensuring the rights and liberties of the people of New Mexico.”

New Mexico RLC Chairman, Aaron Henry Diaz, commented, “David is offering an exciting choice to New Mexico voters. Not only is he attracting traditional Republicans with his message of economic freedom, young voters are energized to elect a Senator who will fight for their privacy rights in Washington D.C.

Youth for Clements chapters have begun operations at many of the major universities in New Mexico, showing Clements’ appeal to young voters reaches across the state, and is reminiscent of those efforts levied by Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in their inaugural campaigns for Senate.

David and his wife, Erin, reside in Las Cruces, New Mexico with their 3 year-old son Roland.

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RLC Endorses Bevin in Kentucky US Senate Race

January 21, 2014 Matt Nye 0
RLC Logo

LOUISVILLE, KY – The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) has unanimously endorsed Matt Bevin in the Kentucky GOP primary for United States Senate.

“It is time that the career professional politicians more interested in being  Washington insiders step aside for new voices who will represent their constituents’ desire for lower taxes and less government interference in their family affairs and their personal lives,” said RLC National Chair Matt Nye.

Nye said it was a thorough process to compare the incumbent Sen. Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin, and the RLC deliberates carefully when the incumbent is a Republican.

“But in the end, it was clear that Matt Bevin, unlike the incumbent, will stand up for individual liberty, limited government and Constitutional principles.  He will hold Washington accountable for its actions that impact the lives of hard-working citizens who know better than government how to manage their lives,” Nye said.

Nye noted that Bevin is a successful entrepreneur who has managed financial and asset funds, including time as Vice President of Putnam Investments, and who has run a successful business that has created jobs in the private sector.

“Unlike Senator McConnell, who voted to increase the debt limit nine times adding $6.7 trillion to the national debt and who voted to expand government spending, Matt Bevin assures us that he will not support an increase in the debt limit unless Congress passes a binding plan to balance the federal budget within ten years,” Nye said.

Noting that Liberty Republicans are concerned about the expanse of government powers, Nye said Bevin scored well with RLC members because he has promised to protect Constitutional freedoms, roll back the Patriot Act and to limit the government’s ability to engage in unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens.

“We believe that Matt Bevin is the best hope for the citizens of Kentucky to be secure without government prying into their private lives,” Nye said.

Bevin resides in Louisville with his wife, Glenna, and their 9 children.

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