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There Was No ‘Right’ Vote on the USA Freedom Act

November 19, 2014 jointherlc 0

ByDave Nalle WASHINGTON, DC, November 19th, 2013– The arguing over yesterdays vote on the USA Freedom Act is getting a little shrill. Articles are coming out accusing Rand Paul of betraying his principles by voting against restrictions on NSA Surveillance and Paul’s adherents are accusing Ted Cruz of being a turncoat for supporting an early extension of the USA PATRIOT Act for supporting the bill. These look an awful lot like the opening shots of the presidential primary, but in the end this is

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HRLC Fundraiser for Chris Carmona

October 25, 2014 jointherlc 0

Houston, TX HRLC hosts a fundraiser for Chris Carmona, candidate for Texas House Rep 148. Special thanks to Sang Le, Attorney Eric Dick, and Phil Owens Last night, the Houston Republican Liberty Caucus held an event to raise funds for Chris Carmona, the Republican nominee for State House District 148. Carmona was endorsed by the Houston chapter of the RLC in September. At the event, over two dozen individuals contributed to Carmona’s campaign. Donors cited his proposals for improving education,

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August 28, 2014 jointherlc 0

By TXRLC Vice Chairman Jeff Leblanc Senator Rand Paul may not have officially announced his intent to run for President, but his inclination to solidify support if he were to undertake this task is growing. The libertarian leaning Senator from Kentucky…

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Fewer Licenses, More Free Markets

August 14, 2014 jointherlc 0

Authored by Felicia Cravens Texas Attorney General (and candidate for Governor) Greg Abbott has offered a plan to roll back some of the Occupational Licensing requirements in Texas. In a document released recently, Abbott states: “…while licensure is often justified in professions that impact the health, safety, and welfare of the public (e.g.doctors, lawyers, peace officers, and engineers), it is also frequently imposed on many professions where such concerns are absent (e.g. interior designers

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The United States of Dysfunction: America’s Political Crisis and What Ordinary Citizens Can Do About It

August 12, 2014 jointherlc 0

Houston Republican Liberty Caucus Treasurer Carl Jarvis has released a book! Today America stands at a crossroads. According to recent Rasmussen polling data, 53% of Americans don’t believe that either political party represents their interests. And only 29% believe that their representative in Congress deserves reelection. Yet we continue to elect the same people over and over, with the same results. The United States of Dysfunctionlooks at the history of how this crisis developed and what can

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Houston Transportation Network Company Overview

August 11, 2014 jointherlc 0

‘The public interest’ is a concept often considered by municipal authorities as they make decisions and pass ordinances designed to deal with the challenges that face them. Houston City Council recently debated and passed a measure allowing transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft to operate legally within the city. The Houston Republican Liberty Caucus supports this move towards offering more transportation options in Houston and wishes to aid citizens and council members in