February 16, 2016 Jeff LeBlanc 0

REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS ENDORSES READ KING FOR TEXAS HOUSE HOUSTON, TX- The Republican Liberty Caucus proudly endorses Read King for State Representative in HD 64. Read has been an activist […]

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Let’s Talk About Indebtedness

September 15, 2015 Jeff LeBlanc 0

Opinion/Editorial: Car loans, student loans, mortgage payments, credit card debt, these are all things almost every American household juggles each month to pay. Very few of us live without some form of indebtedness, and we most likely all know at leas…

Let’s Talk About the Republican Party Platform

September 15, 2015 Jeff LeBlanc 0

Opinion/Editorial: The best place to start a discussion about the party platform is to define it. I went to Merriam Webster’s.  “A political party platform is a list of the values and actions which are supported by the members of the politic…

Let’s Talk About Property Taxes

May 11, 2015 Jeff LeBlanc 0

Opinion/Editorial: Sticker shock is what thousands of Bexar County homeowners felt as they opened their 2015 Notice of Appraised Value. While the county politicians pretend they did not raise taxes, the increase in appraised values of homes is in fact …

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How do we get more people involved locally?

April 19, 2015 Jeff LeBlanc 0

Opinion/Editorial: How do we get more people involved locally in politics?
Some liberty folks don’t know how to get involved or how to be effective if they do. The local Republican party can be intimidating, and many feel marginalized when they …

Let’s Talk About Romeo and Juliet

April 19, 2015 Jeff LeBlanc 0

Opinion/Editorial: Liberty-minded people like equal protection of the law applied regardless of other factors, so when the state legislature comes up with exemptions, we pay attention. For example, about 30 years ago the state passed an exemption to th…

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The RLC Gives Voice to Liberty Republicans and Constitutional Conservatives in the GOP

May 12, 2013 Jeff LeBlanc 0

The following were prepared remarks by Daniel Encarnacion, South Carolina state secretary of the RLC, for the Lowcountry Conservative Breakfast in Summerville, SC on January 12, 2013. The Republican Liberty Caucus was founded in 1991 to promote limited government, free markets, and personal liberty within the Republican Party. With the help of my colleagues here […]Continue reading »

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Internet Sales Tax Myths and Facts

March 22, 2013 Jeff LeBlanc 0

As discussion continues over proposals like the “Marketplace Fairness Act” – which would change the way states can exercise tax collection powers over “remote” sales – several myths have cropped up. Here, NTU dispels them: Myth # 1: This is a States’ Rights Issue. FACT: Giving states the power to collect sales taxes across their […]Continue reading »