Ann Lee discusses RAMP on Michael Berry

Ann Lee, founder of RAMP, Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition, took to the Michael Berry show to discuss the group and marijuana in general. The links are included below.

First and foremost, this is not an endorsement by this caucus for marijuana legalization. This caucus seeks more to educate our community and voters in conservative principles than social issues that divide us. 

However, I have personally met Ann Lee on several occasions. Besides being a life long Republican and a precinct chair for years, she has dedicated many years to this discussion. Her heart is pure in her reasoning, and she believes this is indeed a conservative issue. Out of respect, I feel the need to include this. The overall discussion is that we should be able to discuss an issue, even one we don’t agree with, and come to an understanding of why some in the party may feel different than another. As you’ll here, it’s okay to disagree, but if you can’t even entertain a discussion….there is a problem.

Part 1

Part 2