Ahead Of President Trump’s Visit – El Paso RLC Issues Statement

For Immediate Release
El Paso Republican Liberty Caucus Response to the President’s comments concerning El Paso, Texas
Contact: James R. Peinado – ( ElPasoRLC@gmail.com ) – 915-703-0492

Last Tuesday, February 5, 2019, President Trump delivered an overwhelmingly positive State of the Union Address which was received very well by the El Paso RLC and the greater El Paso Republican Party. We are very proud to be supporting our President, who in three years has already accomplished several of his campaign promises, and is fighting hard to accomplish more. It is refreshing to see a President of this caliber tackling entrenched government bureaucracies, and doing all he can to make our federal government better serve the people. Historic tax cuts and market deregulation are contributing factors to our historically low unemployment rates and overall positive trends in the stock market. It’s also significant to see his administration working with leaders from both parties to pass criminal justice reform. We expect laws like the first step act, right to try, and hemp legalization to all be great steps supported by both parties. Finally, and maybe most impressive, we are seeing the President calling to draw several theaters of war to a close, and we stand by our President in these challenging endeavors. We are excited to see what accomplished in 2019.

We wish to respond to this quote, “The border city of El Paso, Texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime — one of the highest in the country, and considered one of our nation’s most dangerous cities. Now, immediately upon its building, with a powerful barrier in place, El Paso is one of our safest cities. Simply put, walls work and walls save lives.”

With the increased attention on El Paso, Texas, especially after receiving exciting news that he’s holding a rally today February 11, 2019, we understand that this quote would be on the minds of many El Pasoans over the next several days and weeks. After reviewing data provided by the border patrol, FBI uniform crime statistics, and personal accounts from many citizens we have concluded that the President misspoke in part due to misinformation given to him from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and other advisers. We do not at all think the President lied as many who oppose the President mindlessly are quick to proclaim, but neither do we, as a group defend this statement as accurate. We support our President and feel honored to receive him in this beautiful city that we love, El Paso, Texas.

Before both “Operation Hold the Line” and the barrier’s completion many residents of El Paso can attest that there were serious problems. We see that the data shows auto and property theft did indeed decrease. Also, apprehension of illegal immigrants declined noticeably first, after the Secure Fence Act in 1993, and much more so in 2009 upon completion of the current barrier. We also attest that drugs and persons being trafficked for sex are of more value further into the country. So, it is reasonable to say that though violent crime is significantly lower in El Paso than the rest of the country, other communities do suffer consequences due to an unsecure
border. Apprehensions may have gone down in El Paso, Texas, but as a result it has increased along the rural outskirts of the border where inadequate barriers exist. Ranchers and farmers are divided about whether they want a wall through their property or not, but those that are suffering from illegal immigrant crossings through their property deserve to have their government’s protection.

We are stalwart patriots to our country, our state, and our local communities. We are all proud members of the Republican Party, eager to encourage others to become the same. However, we do not encourage blind patriotism, we strive to keep a reputation of being both principled and objective. We call balls and strikes as best we can. El Paso has never had extremely high rates of violent crime. In the decades just before a barrier was erected we were not among the most dangerous cities in America, we were in fact still one of the safest. Living along the border brings us many joys and opportunities to share cultures and customs with neighbors from another country.

We also acknowledge that it brings a responsibility as well. Our country needs to be secure in order that our citizens may enjoy life, liberty, and property, which is a Constitutional duty for our national government to provide. We hope to see our own Democrat representative open her mind to working with the President to provide some funding for the wall where it is strategically helpful in accomplishing this important mission. In tandem with such a compromise, we encourage members from both parties to address some of the more root causes of the problem. A few suggestions on where to start working together include looking into our outdated immigration policy, employment regulations, foreign policy, drug policy, welfare programs, and our relationship with the U.N. Each of these arenas are where we believe lie contributing factors to illegal immigration woes.

Yours in Peace, Love, and Liberty,

El Paso RLC

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