Action Alert: Tell Congress to Stand Against Syria Attack

Action Alert: Tell Congress to Stand Against War in SyriaPresident Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, Speaker Boehner, Sen. John McCain and the whole rogue’s gallery of the political establishment want to drop high explosives on Syria with no consideration for the Constitution, our national interests or basic common sense.

There is no justification for military action in Syria. It does not protect our citizens, our territory or our interests. It’s just another case of our out-of-control government meddling in another country where it really has no business at all.

We have a chance to stop this from happening, but that requires strengthening the spines of our representatives in the House and Senate so they vote against authorizing military action. They’re going to be under a lot of pressure to support the establishment pro-war position. But with 90% of the public behind us, every email we send will help them stand firm.

Rep. Justin Amash says that as few as 15 or 16 emails can swing a key vote. Be one of those vote changers.

Use the form below to send an email to your two Senators and Representative. Change the text to represent your personal views. Share it with all your friends.