Act Now to Stop Corruption

rlcactionWe’ve got an important opportunity to support a bill which would make a real difference in Texas.

SB1862 is by  Sen. Konni Burton.  It is a bill which would prohibit public entities from using taxpayer money to lobby the legislature, a major corrupting influence of the legislative system which you pay for.

Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for lobbying that is against their interest.  Tax funded lobbyists do not represent taxpayers, they represent the elected officials and bureaucratic classes in government, especially in spending more money.  We elect elected officals to represent us, not high powered lobbyists. Local governments should have the same rules as state agencies, they should be able to testify as resource witnesses on bill, but not advocate for legislation with public funds

You can help by coming to Austin at 9am on Monday and testifying for 3 minutes before the State Affairs committee.  It may be a long distance to come for a few minutes of testimony, but your voice will make a big difference.

The hearing will be held in the main Senate Chamber.

If you cannot come, you can still help.  Call the members of the committee and let them know you support the bill.  The members are:

Joan Huffman (C): (512) 463-0117
Rodney Ellis (VC): (512) 463-0113
Brian Birdwell: (512) 463-0122
Brandon Creighton: (512) 463-0104
Craig Estes: (512) 463-0130
Troy Fraser: (512) 463-0124
Jane Nelson: (512) 463-0112
Charles Schwertner: (512) 463-0105
Judith Zaffirini: (512) 463-0121

This is not a particularly liberty friendly or a particularly small government oriented committee, so we need all the help we can get.

The full committee agenda is at You should be able to watch the hearing at

This committee is also considering the much publicized and controversial religious liberty bill which protects ministers from  reprisals by local government for exercising their rights of free speech and free association, and if you come you can testify on it too.

This is a great chance to support a Republican Liberty Caucus endorsee and a really important bill.

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