Act Now to Get Gaming on the November Ballot

Last year, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas unanimously passed the following resolution at our state convention: “RESOLVED: That the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas officially endorses the Let Texans Decide initiative. Endorsement of the measure constitutes taking the issue of legalizing gaming out of the hands of Austin politicians, and allowing voters the ability to make the decision about where to build casino style gaming facilities in Texas through a constitutional amendment vote.”

Now, with the legislative session under way, there are a couple of bills that accomplish this goal that are worth supporting. To this end, RLC national chair and RLC-TX treasurer Dave Nalle had an op-ed published in The Washington Times entitled “Will Texas Take a Chance on Gambling?” In it, he analyzes two bills that deserve a committee hearing. The first is SJR 64, and the second is SJR 36.

In the interest of attracting more jobs and investment to Texas, will you help get these bills a hearing in their respective committees? Doing so is the first step toward passing a measure that would give Texans a chance to decide on gaming expansion via a constitutional amendment vote. This would finally take the issue out of the hands of Austin politicians who have long been bent on micromanaging how we spend our entertainment dollars – and failing miserably given that Texans are gambling both illegally in state, as well as in droves in neighboring states.

You can send two letters expressing your support for to the heads of each bill’s committee through our RLC-TX liberty action alert system.

To support SJR 64 filed by Senator John Carona, click here.

To support SJR 36 filed by Senator Hinojosa, click here.

These liberty action alerts include a pre-written letter that you can change at your discretion, but all you need to do is fill out your contact information and click send. Please send both as soon as possible.

Thank you for your tireless support of liberty in Texas!


Corie Whalen