Act Now for Decriminalization in Texas

Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

rlcactionYou can make a difference in Texas today.  HB507 is stuck in the Calendars Committee and needs a little help to get dislodged.  The Calendars Committee is full of representatives who we think are influencable.  They just need a little push.

HB507 would decriminalize possession of 1 ounce or less of Marijuana.  This would potentially take 50,000 people a year and make them liable for a fine instead of sending them to jail and giving them a permanent criminal record.  It would defuse one of the worst, most life-destroying aspects of the War on Drugs.

Please, if you are in the district of one of these representatives call him or her today and ask them to support HB507 and move it out of committee for a vote in the Texas House.

You can see a map of their districts here if you aren’t sure of where you live:

You may also find our handy fact sheet useful.

I know we have strong representation in some of these areas, so we can make a difference.  Call the members of the committee and let them know you support the bill.  The members are:

Todd Hunter (Chair) 512-463-0672
Rep. Eddie Lucio III (V. Chair) 512-463-0606
Rep. Roberto R. Alonzo 512-462-0408
Rep. Byron Cook 512-463-0730
Rep. Sarah Davis 512-463-0389
Rep. Charlie Geren 512-463-0610
Rep. Helen Giddings 512-463-0958
Rep. Patricia Harless 512-463-0496
Rep. Dan Huberty 512-463-0520
Rep. Eric Johnson 512-463-0586
Rep. Ken King 512-463-0736
Rep. Lyle Larson 512-463-0646
Rep. Four Price 512-463-0470
Rep. Debbie Riddle 512-463-0572
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez 512-463=0674

This committee is very important.  It votes on every bill that moves through the Texas House. Establishing a good relationship with these legislators can make a huge difference.  If you are not in one of those areas you may know someone who is, so spread the word around.

In liberty,

Dave Nalle
Legislative Liaison
Republican Liberty Caucus


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