10807054_10202744181784999_805451158_nThe Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas is a group within the Republican Party which seeks to promote the values of limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty.  We’re part of a growing nationwide organization with thousands of members and active chapters all over the country.  We are working locally and nationally and with other groups to work to return the Republican Party to its traditional, constitutional values.  We are a grassroots organization and we want you to join us and become part of making the Republican Party the great voice for the people and their rights which it ought to be. The RLC of Texas was one of the two founding chapters of the RLC, begun in 1991 by activists in the Houston and Austin areas and eventually spreading to have chapters around the state. The RLC has supported successful races and elected candidates all over Texas. The RLC of Texas remains one of the largest state chapters of the RLC and works with other pro-liberty Republican groups to move the party in the direction of liberty.


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