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HRLC Fundraiser for Chris Carmona

October 25, 2014 jointherlc 0

Houston, TX HRLC hosts a fundraiser for Chris Carmona, candidate for Texas House Rep 148. Special thanks to Sang Le, Attorney Eric Dick, and Phil Owens Last night, the Houston Republican Liberty Caucus held an event to raise funds for Chris Carmona, the Republican nominee for State House District 148. Carmona was endorsed by the Houston chapter of the RLC in September. At the event, over two dozen individuals contributed to Carmona’s campaign. Donors cited his proposals for improving education,

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Through open records requests, the RLC of Liberty County has learned that the push to pass the DISD $87 million dollar bond is over 65% funded by a major architecture firm in Houston. PBK is a firm that specializes in school design and building throughout the state. PBK gave $2,000.00 of the total $3,000.00 given to the PAC that is pushing for a yes vote on the bond. Beyond the fact that PBK has given over $2,000.00 to the local say yes effort, is the company’s track record through the state. F […]

Loving the Kids: School Bonds or Bondage

We have officially entered into a change of seasons.  If you are like me you can appreciate almost everything that comes with fall; from the cooler weather, to the anticipation of the holidays, or to those beloved November elections….hey, I said almost.  As much as I hate to admit it even the political cycle seems to return every fall.  Sadly, it doesn’t matter who wins for nothing seems to change.  After some refl […]