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Republican Liberty Caucus of CD 36 Backs Ben Streusand

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Congressional District 36 is proud to recommend Ben Streusand in the runoff race for U.S. Congress. The RLC of CD 36 has had the opportunity to meet with each of the candidates in this hotly contested runoff race.  While both men have shown themselves to be men of character and integrity, we believe Mr. Steusand is best s […]

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RLC Endorses Stace Nelson for U.S. Senate in South Dakota

April 7, 2014 Matt Nye 0
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FULTON, SD – A spirit of change and reform is sweeping the country. Incumbents are being voted out and principled reformers are heading to Washington with a dedication to liberty, Constitutionally limited government and free markets.

The Republican Liberty Caucus believes Stace Nelson will be an important part of this movement for change, and we have given him our endorsement in the Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate in South Dakota.

“Stace Nelson’s dedication to Constitutionally limited government and political reform were made very clear in his time in the state legislature, where he demanded real answers from Washington and fought for the rights of the people of South Dakota.” said RLC Chairman Matt Nye. “He truly believes in returning power to the people and the states, restoring free markets and protecting individual liberty.”

Nelson has been described as the one true conservative in this primary race, but there is much more to recommend him than that. He has a lifetime of public service behind him and a dedication to principles which South Dakotans value. He told us clearly the kind of Senator he wants to be when he said, “Mike Lee, Justin Amash, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul – this is what our country needs. Outspoken, honest people trying to take on the out-of-control federal government and rein it in.”

Nelson lives in Fulton, SD with his wife Aiza and their six children. We strongly urge Republican voters in South Dakota to join us in supporting Stace Nelson for Senate. We cannot afford to let this seat be returned to the Democrats or fall into the hands of a Republican of lesser principles who will be no better than another Democrat. Electing Stace Nelson is a crucial step in restoring the original vision of the Republican Party and restoring our Republic.

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Support Open Carry in Texas

April 5, 2014 admin 0

On Monday the Texas Senate is holding a public hearing on Open Carry.  We hope everyone who can will attend, but you can also show your support by emailing the […]