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The Gingrich Deception

February 28, 2012 Dave Nalle 0

In the struggle for the Republican presidential nomination candidates are searching for every advantage they can find, desperate to reach constituencies which can help them gain an advantage over their rivals. Some of them are getting more desperate and more manipulative as they fall behind, even resorting to some pretty blatant lying about their records, […]Continue reading »

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Internet Grassroots Offers Alternative to SOPA

February 25, 2012 Dave Nalle 0

In a powerful example of the internet grassroots in action, a viral campaign through Reddit played a large role in stopping the passage of s SOPA and PIPA and that effort has now expanded into an movement to produce  alternative legislation which would address copyright concerns but also protect the rights of internet users and […]Continue reading »

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FBI Announces that Americans Are Now a Threat to America

February 7, 2012 Dave Nalle 0

Following the pattern of other provocative statements about potential domestic terrorist threats from the Obama Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a statement exposing the threat of “hundreds of thousands” of “sovereign citizens” who can turn violent “at the drop of a hat” during encounters with the police. Citing three specific cases […]Continue reading »